UV spraying line

UV spraying line

Short Description:

UV Spraying line

- suitable for UV Paint

- from dust cleaning to full drying 

- with the whole line control system

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1.Equipment safety is implemented by European standard, suitable for UV paint.
2.The whole line is completed by artificial and a reciprocating spray equipment combined with other auxiliary devices to complete the entire coating process of panel furniture, and achieve high quality and efficient mass production effect.
3.Reciprocating spraying equipment used in Italy REER raster scanning system used to detect incoming workpiece shape, size and location, time and scope to control the paint, without relying on manual programming; make paint spraying uniformity, paint saving, adapt to the non-standard workpiece automatic spraying production
4.UV paint spray process: through automatic or manual feeding to dust removal equipment for dust removal, and then UV spray, spray finish after entering the leveling machine for paint flow leveling, leveling after UV drying, and finally cut into the next production process
5.The equipment adopts automatic spraying system and two groups of reciprocating, driven by independent servo control system, to achieve high-speed smooth reciprocating spraying, the spraying efficiency and high quality effect (spray evenly to the workpiece edge in place), the effective implementation of the continuous production of spraying
6.The use of IR infrared drying tunnel effectively saves energy and reduces the time and space required for paint flow or drying.
7.The six lamp UV curing machine can realize instant drying, avoid drying waiting time, shorten the coating process time and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for instant drying of UV mixed oil and UV transparent paint.
8.The whole line conveying system adopts a smooth continuous horizontal conveying design, which reduces the influence of artificial movement or placement on the dry paint after spraying. The configuration of straight line flow can make the distribution of the factory more clear and concise, reduce the labor force, and make the configuration of the whole line more reasonable and scientific.

Content of the machines:
(1) Dust Cleaner: Dust remove
(2) UV Spraying Machine: 8 spray guns are independently controlled and sprayed intelligently, and the efficiency of spraying is more than 80%
(3) Heating Tunnel : Flow leveling of the coating on the surface of the workpiece after spraying
(4) UV Dryer: Rapid light curing of surface coating of workpiece
(5) Roller Conveyor: manual unloading

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