CNC spraying machine-SPD2500D

CNC spraying machine-SPD2500D

Short Description:

CNC Spraying Machine

-  Five-axis linkage

- with motion controller

- simple and complicated workpiece are ok

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.1 With 2 worktables, it will improve working efficiency.
1.2 Support arm adjusting device.
(Convenient to adjust the length of the different wood door)
1.3 Special reversal device can make the door double side spraying easier. This improves the productivity efficiency.
1.4 Industrial PC with large screen make you more easy to operate on it and you can know the machine working condition at any time.
1.5 Panasonic Servo motor makes driving precise and reciprocate speed high
1.6 Program is done by motion controller, to realize no-circular curved surface products spraying
1.7 Auto lifting door at the entrance, this will prevent the paint fog out of the room.
1.8 Glass sliding door on the sides, this will let you more easy to see the working condition.
1.9 With solvent reclaim funnel to ensure the solvent will be collected after cleaning the pipes and guns.
1.10 With inverter to control the speed of air inlet blower to ensure the air balance.
1.11 Double filtering of the inlet air and closed spraying room can build a clean environment, and improve the spraying quality of workpiece.
1.12 Air-press blower is installed at the side of the machine to keep the paint reek within limits, and easy to change and maintenance.
1.13 The strong exhaust system, can make the paint fog out of the spraying room through filter, which reach the environment requirement.
2. Technical Parameter

Max. working width 1300mm
Max. working length 2440mm
Max.spraying thickness 150mm
Working pressure 06-0.8Mpa
total power 10.85kw
weight 3500kg
size 5500×5940×2875mm


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