PU Spraying Line

PU Spraying Line

Short Description:

PU Spraying line

- suitable for PU, NC,AC and water-base Paint

- speed the solvent volatilization, and shorten the drying time

- with the whole line control syst

Product Detail

Product Tags

This line is suitable for furniture panels, doors, cabinet doors etc.
Suitable Paint: NC, AC , PU, water base paint etc.
Max. processing width: 1300mm
Working speed: 2-4m/min
Content of the machines:
(1) Dust cleaner:Dust remove
(2) Auto spraying machine:8 spray guns are independently controlled and sprayed intelligently, and the efficiency of spraying is more than 80%
(3) Jet heating tunnel:Flow leveling of the coating on the surface of the workpiece after spraying. Make the workpiece get surface drying.
(4) Roller conveyor: manual unloading

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