CNC spraying machine -SPM1300E

CNC spraying machine -SPM1300E

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CNC spraying Machine

-  Five-axis linkage

- with motion controller

- simple and complicated workpiece are ok

- with scanner to measure the size

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1.With pin type staaf cunewalde. Om te ferminderjen de skea fan 'e workpiece oerflak, de klant moat sette in clapboard tusken workpiece en de roede cunewalde.
2.With air pressure system and dry filter.  with inverter for air inlet blower . The air inlet with double filter system.
3.With scanner at the entrance to measure the size of the workpiece
4.With cleaning systeem fan gun holle.
5.With pipe cleaning and discharge system
6.With glass sliding door
7.With Motion contoller system, and Japan Panasonic Servo driver.
8.Can be installed with 2 guns. The arm lift range can be 350mm.

Technical parameter:

Max. working breedte 1300mm
Max. working lingte 2400mm 
working dikte 40-100mm
gun planke lift berik 350mm
totale macht 13.95kw
Wurkdruk 0.4-0.8Mpa
Diminsje 12500*4830*3020mm




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