Stone Paint Spraying Machine

Stone Paint Spraying Machine

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1. Transmission system
1.1. The special steel wire rope conveyor has a higher anti-wear effect and completely eliminates the extra cost of cleaning the conveyor belt.
1.2. The frequency conversion speed regulation can better improve the spraying effect.  
2. Spraying system
2.1. The unique and practical stainless steel feeding pressure tank developed independently can satisfy continuous mass production.
2.2. Configure the solid lacquer spray gun produced by the United States company.
2.3. Reciprocating spraying mechanism adopts imported Omron or Siemens servo motor, which can adjust speed automatically and meet different working requirements.
2.4. Equipped with paint recovery device, the waste of paint is avoided, and the amount of paint used is 30% less than that of manual work.
3. Control system
3.1. configure the PLC system of Japanese OMRON or German SIEMENS.
3.2. The grating detection device at the inlet and outlet of the spraying machine can automatically detect the size of the workpiece, effectively control the spraying range and save paint.
3.3. configure high precision color touch control panel, simple and clear, easy to operate.

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