Profile drying machine

Profile drying machine

Short Description:

Profile Drying Machine

- works with profile spraying machine

- Reduction of land occupation

- suitbale for PU, NC,AC paint

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Equipment features:
(1) Suitable for linear workpieces such as doors and windows frame, doors and windows line, kick line, photo frame line, floor, etc. after painting with PU, NC, AC, water-based paint, etc.
(2) It can eliminate the bubbles and unequal defects on the surface of the workpiece during the painting process, improve the quality of the coating surface, make the workpiece surface smooth and full.
(3) Use advanced infrared technology to heat the paint film on the workpiece surface after painting in a very short time, so that the paint on the workpiece surface can be quickly leveled and dried.
(4) Equipped with an axial-flow fan to enhance the internal air flow and make the temperature more uniform;
(5) It can automatically detect the temperature and recycle the mixed air flow to save energy.

Model LPDM2400
Max.processing width 2400mm
Max.processing thickness 100mm
Lengthways feeding speed 0-50m/min
Transverse feeding speed 0-2m/min
Total power 31Kw
Overall dimension 7000*2700*1800mm
Weight 2000Kg

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