Auto spraying machine (chain rod)

Auto spraying machine (chain rod)

Short Description:

Auto spraying machine SPM1300V

- Chain rod  type conveyor without cleaning system will help you save more solvent

- just change rod when need, not for the whole conveyor

Product Detail

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Suitable Paint:PU,NC, AC water-base paint etc.

-  With chain rod type rod conveyor, no need cleaning system               
- Reciprocators adopt JAPAN PANASONICA control system. The max. speed can reach 100m/min. There are 2 reciprocating arms of each machine.
- Every reciprocating arm can equip 4 spraying guns and 1 relevant material-supply pump.
- The grating scanner at the entrance can measure the width of work piece to make the stroke of guns and turn on/off time more exact. And at the same time the waste is reduced.
–  The spraying parameter is set by the operator on the Touch screen or Industrial PC
- Using PLC control system makes it a simple and intuitive instrument to see.
-  The alarm lamp on the cabinet, when the device is overrun or fault, it will give alarm.
–  Double filtering of the inlet air and closed spraying room make the air cleaner in the room.
–  The filter replacement detection device to remind you when to change the filter cotton
-  Water is used to filter the paint fog
- The blower with large horse power is installed to take the fog out of the spraying room   

Technical Parameter



Max. spraying width


Max. thickness of work piece


Overall dimension


Max. Feeding speed


Air pressure

0.5-0.8 Mpa

Total power









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