How to Realize Automatic Painting in Whole House Customization Enterprises

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands on the functionality, design, space utilization and individualization of furniture products are becoming higher and higher. Traditional finished furniture can hardly meet the needs of consumers for individualized customization. In order to cope with the current market situation and accelerate the development of enterprises, traditional furniture enterprises have been in succession. Transform into a house-wide customization enterprise.


As we all know, customized furniture products are of various sizes and high requirements of painting technology. Traditional rolling and vacuum spraying equipments are difficult to play their role. In view of this phenomenon, GODN Company has launched a reciprocating automatic spraying Primer Plus intelligent spraying machine copying spraying finish scheme to help furniture manufacturers achieve manual spraying to themselves. Transition of dynamic spraying.

  1. UV spraying line

UV spraying line

Process flow: loading - dust cleaning – paint spraying – flash off – UV drying – unloading

Production Line Advantage

1. Big compatibility: It can be applied to plate/special-shaped workpieces of disassembly and assembly type, and it can be sprayed on five sides at one time.

2. High efficiency: Pipeline spraying, daily production capacity (8 hours) can reach 2000_, instead of 10 sprayers;

3. Paint saving: During the spraying process, the recovery rate of the paint on the belt can reach 98%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of the paint is over 90%.

4. Easy to operate: Intelligent scanning of workpiece size, one key spraying, general workers can operate;

5. Fast delivery: Dust removal, paint spraying, leveling and drying processes can be completed on-line, and off-line grinding can greatly shorten the production period

2. CNC spraying machine



Process flow: loading - paint spraying – unloading

Equipment Advantage

1. Intelligent linkage: the three processes of feeding, spraying and blanking work at the same time, with high efficiency;

2. copying spraying: acquire the size and shape of the product by intelligent scanning, and do copying spraying;

3. Maintenance-free: Adopting vertical pole conveying mode and Ti-Al alloy integrated module, without cleaning and maintenance.


In the painting field of China’s home manufacturing industry, the transformation from traditional painting process to new environmental protection painting process and from manual painting to automatic painting has been completed. The future will surely be an upgrade of automation and intelligence. The popularization and application of automatic spraying production line will certainly create tremendous value for the whole industry.

Post time: Aug-16-2019
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