GODN spraying equipments private customized

You may not be unfamiliar with the concept of private customization, such as private customized clothes, shoes, daily necessities, etc. you may hear less about private customized spraying equipment, but today I’ll tell you exactly that it’s OK. Because all furniture enterprises can’t be the same, they need change and innovation, and the equipment they need can’t be the same. Therefore, Qingdao GODN Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., as a spray equipment manufacturer highly praised by customers, has also launched an innovative and achievable concept of designing unique high-end spray equipment for furniture enterprises.


Qingdao GODN Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of spraying equipment, and constantly create high-quality products. The products are exported to all parts of the world, and widely praised by customers.

In 2019, the cabinet UV spraying production line specially developed for Wenzhou customer has been put into operation in their factory.

UV CNC Spraying line

It solves the side spraying of most special-shaped workpieces and realizes the automatic coating production of spray drying instead of manual operation.

The advantages of the spray line are:

1. Machine replaces manual operation

2. Fast efficiency, even spraying quality, improving production efficiency, and drying after offline

3. Labor cost saving

Post time: Nov-20-2019
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