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“Godn” brands is one of the leading machinery industrial pioneer groups, has been bonded together with the worldwide top brands wood working machines manufacturers from china to provide the key of success to our customers, to provide engineering factory plan, placement of the machines, air system, dust extraction system, all types of blades and accessories to provide full factory layout engineering plan. “Godn” is your one stop shop for all your requirements of wood working industrial machinery. We guarantee to satisfy you all the time with everlasting target.

By the efforts of 15 years, “Godn” has established one of the worldwide manufacturers in finishing, decorating, coating and spraying machines and products and its derivatives-furniture, wood door and building decorating etc. With strong technology innovation ability and experience, “Godn” is focusing on the customers’ requirements, commitments to develop, design and produce the products as desired by the customers, and we will continuously make highest quality finishing machines and serve our customers with special attentions and proposals certainly.

“Godn” dubai company with over 8 years experience and grow up rapidly with the well known reputation in UAE since 2007 which supplies sufficient products to GCC ,Africa, and mena customers, owns the most dedicated and professional business development specialist to present our excellent reputation and name in the market, first –class experts in the areas of after sales services to guarantee all the woodworkers, whether artisans, commercial companies or industries enable to get full time support and ensure excellent precision and best processing quality. The 500 square meters showroom in Dragon Mart phases 1&2, and 1000 square meters warehouse available to order on line, the requirements analysed by our experts will show you new solutions for optimizing your productivity and earnings.

“Godn” brings you friendship and good luck.

“Godn” supplies you fortune and happiness.