CNC Spraying Machine SPD2500D

  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Port: Qingdao, China
  • Packaging: Plastic film


CNC Spray Machine

Machine Features:

(1) Saving of paint: 10%-15% of paint.

(2) Saving manual work and management cost: One machine can equivalent to four gunmen, six porters ( note:four gunmen spray are equivalent to eight porters ).

(3)Positioning device,convenient operation;

(4)Servo motor precision control spray gun running track, film thickness uniformity, system accuracy 1 mm, servo motor adopts Japanese Omron or Panasonic high quality products;

(5)Our company developed independent operation software, intelligent operation interface, system automatic detection and repair function;

(6)Chinese numerals program, according to input the parameter of the work piece and the times of spraying paint, it can be automatically generated into a SPRAY program, the program library can recall 1000 different sequences — that is the spraying machine can automatic numerical control spraying 1000 kinds of different specifications work piece;

(7) The numerical control machine adopts the high-speed mute guide rail.

(8)The spray rack adopts aluminum alloy gun, horizontal 360 degree, vertical 90 degree adjustable; Turntable has two workbench.

(9) The machine can spray 90 to 120 square per hour; Operating workers and room spray isolation design to ensure the health of employees;

(10)It can spraying PU, PE, UV, water-based paints; The system software adjusts the running speed according to different paints;

(11)Applicable to panel furniture, executive desk, cabinet, decorative board, glass, hardware, stainless steel, plastic board and other surface spray.

(12)The Close spray room design, creates a clean spray paint environment, and further improve the spray quality of the workpiece;

(13)Powerful air exhaust system, which can be discharged through the purification and filtration, and meet the environmental requirements.

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